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«Старые знакомые» (Two Friendly Ghosts, 2011)

Короткометражный фильм "Старые знакомые" рассказывает историю о Джеймсе Дине, встречающем Дональда Тэрнепсида во второй раз - спустя 56 лет после трагической автокатастрофы, на том же перекрестке. Теперь у них есть время, чтобы поговорить. "Старые знакомые" были представлены во всем мире более чем на 30 фестивалях элитарного кино. Теперь съемочная группа выпускает финальную версию "Старых знакомых» на Vimeo, Youtube и некоторых других онлайн-серверах.

Two Friendly Ghosts from Parker Ellerman on Vimeo.

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Donald: Thank you for coming.
JD: Not a lot has changed out here.
Donald: Nope. It’s almost exactly like 56 years ago.
JD: I suppose you didn’t come here to talk about the landscape, huh?
Donald: No.

Donald: I wanted to introduce myself. Since we didn’t get much of a chance back
then. I’m Donald. [JD laughs] What? What are you laughing at?
JD: Donald. Man of my life.

JD: Suppose I should introduce myself also.
Donald: Yeah, yeah. I know who you are. How could I forget? Although I never
saw one of your films, your pictures, the magazines were full of them.
You had your whole life ahead of you, and I came here to tell you I’m
sorry. I’m so, so sorry. I wanna apologise that you didn’t get to do
those things because of me.
JD: Yeah, all those things.

Voice on radio: “It occurred on US four sixty-six at intersection 41. The
dead was James Byron Dean. DOA or Dead On Arrival at hospital.”

JD: Listen, I wanna say something to you. Yeah, it could have been great
things and all, but both of us could have. I also know that your life
afterward was over too. I know that after everything you couldn’t work.
You couldn’t leave the house for almost a year. Nobody would have
anything to do with you. You were dead afterward – just like me. I’m
sorry for something too. I’m sorry I killed you.
Donald: You don’t have to say that.
JD: But I want to say it. I’m sorry.
Donald: I’m sorry too.
JD: OK then, we’re both sorry.
Donald: And I am sorrier.
JD: No. We’re both the same kind of sorry, OK? OK?
Donald: OK.
JD: One for the road?
Donald: No, better not. I gotta drive.