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James Dean - Driving PSA

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James Dean - A Public Service Announcement on the stupidty of driving fast on the highway. Filmed during the making of Giant.

Reporter: We asked Jimmy over today because he's a racing man himself. A real one, not a crazy one. Incidentally, I think I should explain that Jimmy just stepped over from the set of Giant and, need I add, he plays a Texan. Speaking of racing, have you ever been in a drag race?

Jimmy: Are you kidding me?

Reporter: I just thought I'd ask. No, Jim races in the tradition you might say, real racing cars, real tracks. How fast will your car go?

Jimmy: Oh, in honest miles an hour, clocked, it can run about 106, 107.

Reporter: You've won a few races, haven't you?

Jimmy: Oh, one or two.

Reporter: Where?

Jimmy: I showed pretty good at Palm Springs. I ran at Bakersfield.

Reporter: Jimmy, we probably have a great many young people watching our show tonight and for their benefit, I'd like your opinion about fast driving on the highway. Do you think it's a good idea?

Jimmy: A good point. I used to fly around quite a bit, I took a lot of unnecessary chances on the highways. And I started racing, and now when I drive on the highways I'm extra cautious. Cos no one knows what they're doing half the time. You don't know what this guy's going to do or that one. On a track, there are a lot of men who spend a lot of time developing rules and ways of safety. I find myself being very cautious on the highway, I don't have the urge to speed on the highway. People say racing is dangerous but I'll take my chances on the track any day than on a highway. Well, Gig, I think I'd better take off.

Reporter: Wait a minute, Jimmy, one more question. Do you have any special advice for the young people who drive.

Jimmy: Take it easy driving. The life you might save might be mine.

Теги: Driving PSA
Год: 1955
Актеры: James Dean
Язык: English
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