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Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy- Jett Rink [Giant]

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Edited by Laura- Made for Fun, not Profit**Program Used: Sony Vegas 9•• Watch in 720p ••Follow me on Tumblr @ http://shoopdancer2504.tumblr.comFollow me on Twitter @ http://www.twitter.com/shoopdancer2504DESCRIPTION//A tribute to the character Jett Rink (portrayed by James Dean) in the 1956 film "Giant"Subscribe my back-up...http://www.youtube.com/shoopdancer2504xxSo, why the 49 second tribute to some random character from an old film named Jett Rink....BECAUSE JETEXAS FOREVER!! That and it's James fucking Dean, what do you want from me lol?! I watched "Giant" for the first time a few days ago and my favourite part was definitely Jett Rink. Not just because James Dean makes the sexiest DAMN cowboy of all-time. But because he's a sweetie. And a bad ass. AND DID I MENTION THE SEXIEST DAMN COWBOY EVER?!?! Sorry Monty Clift, he's just a little bit sexier than you in "Red River". Just a little. Must be the technicolor. That or the way his ass looks in those jeans lol. Also, am I the only person who wanted Leslie (Elizabeth Taylor) to dump Bick (Rock Hudson) and run away with Jett?! COME ON!! He wanted to learn proper English for you girl!! And I know Rock Hudson is good looking and rich but...when you've got James Dean working on your ranch...no comparison lol. Yes, I'm an idiot. And this video is terrible. And took waaay too long considering it's only 49 seconds long. BUT, I adore Jett. How can you not?!Also, PLEASE watch this video, it puts mine ENTIRELY to shame- IT'S PHENOMENAL!! A true tribute to Jett Rink by DoubleTreble1518;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ptt-Bw0eNoTHIS WEEK I REACHED 1,931 SUBSCRIBERS!! Thank you so much for your continuing support, despite my changing obsessions. Currently I am working on a few different projects, the most notable being a tribute to my favourite actor- Montgomery Clift. I have had this idea in mind for awhile and I'm finally starting to get some assembly going, which is really exciting (well it's exciting to me). Hopefully you'll be seeing a new video from me again soon!

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