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And you're alive again - James Dean

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[WATCH IN 720p HD please]" It's...just...that..I...am frightened. Frightened by this success. It's all come too early for me. " James Dean.So it might sounds weird that I used this song since it's about a girl, but I fell in love with it and when I looked the lyrics I instantly thought about him and I had to do this ! :) It was so good making this vid, but now that it's done i'm not satisfied at all... I hope you'll like it anyway ! I tried to follow the beats in the song, wich was pretty difficult so the editing is crappy... But it's James Dean so ;) No need to say it's my new obession, he's the best actor and human being of all-time :PAnd special thanks to VampirexThrones for the font ♥I OWN NOTHING BUT THE EDITING .(pm me for the song)I'm sorry it's blocked in Germany... even if I pitch the song -__-

Актеры: James Dean
Язык: English
Длительность материала: 00:02:58
Автор: 191Hachiko
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Так нравится этот фан.-клип. ......просто потрясающий!!!
Я его могу пересматривать по множеству раз) ОЧЕНЬ....