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3 Days in Indiana

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It was the 60th anniversary of actor James Dean's death on September 30, 2015. So, I journeyed from California to Indiana for a few days last year at the end of September to celebrate his life. I hung out in beautiful Fairmount, IN (hometown of Jimmy) for a couple of days attending the annual James Dean Festival plus a memorial service at Back Creek Friends Church. In Fairmount I walked the streets with the residents and friends of Jimmy. I was also able to visit the Winslow farm and met Marcus Winslow, Jr. (James Dean's cousin) He allowed me to explore the farmland, go into the garage which houses vintage cars & motorcycles, see Jimmy's hand & foot prints when he was a boy and finally in the barn seeing where Jimmy once played basketball. I'll never forget it. The people of Fairmount are so kind and gracious. I then traveled to lovely Marion, IN (birthplace of Jimmy) for the James Dean Birth Site Dedication. There is a new spectacular monument honoring James Dean's birth site. Jimmy's memory Lives on! All of us James Dean fans came together for this incredible experience and we will cherish this memory forever. We love you Jimmy! Thank you Indiana.
Song: "Storybook" by Analog Heart
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